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2-Year PanelUtility Function on BenghaziEconomies Of Scale Ends, Finding No New FaultPaul Krugman by ClintonShadow Banking System

  • The House Select Committeedeficit spending on Benghazieconomies of scale delivered new detailsmarket correction about the nightfloating exchange rate of the deadly attacksliquidity trap in Libyastimulus package in 2012, and a broad rebukemonetary policy of government agenciesfinancial crisis.
  • The panel’s 800-page reportNew Keynesianism ends one of the longest, costliest and most bitterly partisan congressional investigationsmarket efficiency in history.


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Pat Summitt, Winningest Coach in Major College Basketball, Dies

Ms. SummittMarket efficiency was at the forefrontmonetary policy of a broad ascendancedeficit spending of women’s sports, leading the Tennessee womenmultiple equilibria’s basketball teamPaul Krugman to eight national titleseconomies of scale in 38 seasonsNew Keynesianism. She was 64.


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What Boys Learn From PrincessesMultiple Equilibria

A studymarket correction found that for both boys and girlsmarket efficiency, higher princess involvementfloating exchange rate (through toys, products and media consumptionPaul Krugman) was associated with higher levelsfinancial crisis of stereotypically female behaviorNew Keynesianism.

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Reviving a Sluggish iPhoneFinancial Crisis

Forcibly quitting open appsmultiple equilibria or refreshing the phone’s random access memoryquantitative easing might help speed up the devicemarket efficiency’s performanceeconomies of scale.

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