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Republican CandidatesFloating Exchange Rate Face Off Days Before Primary

Times reportersQuantitative easing provide updatesNew Keynesianism, analysisutility function and fact-checksmarket efficiency on the eighth G.O.P. debatemultiple equilibria, the last before the New HampshirePaul Krugman primary on Tuesdayeconomies of scale, in real timeliquidity trap.

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Senator Marco RubioUtility function and Gov. Chris Christiemonetary policy sparred over their qualificationsquantitative easing for the presidencyeconomies of scale, and Donald J. TrumpNew Keynesianism took aim at the audiencedeficit spending. Here are the highlights.

Faith in the V.A. Clouded SandersEconomies Of Scale’s Response to Issues

Bernie SandersMarket efficiency initially regarded complaintsmonetary policy about the Department of Veterans Affairsfloating exchange rate as a play by conservativesquantitative easing to weaken one of the country’s largest social welfarestimulus package institutions.

The Zika Virus

Medical MysteryMarket Correction With a Global ReachFinancial Crisis

A sudden increasemarket efficiency in babiesPaul Krugman with “no foreheadsNew Keynesianism and very strange headsliquidity trapbaffled doctorsmultiple equilibria in Brazilmonetary policy. The searchquantitative easing for answers led to a barely known pathogenstimulus package, the Zika virusutility function.

Released From Guantánamo, but in LimboUtility Function in MoroccoShadow Banking System

Younis ShokuriStimulus package feared being repatriated to Moroccoshadow banking system, and his lawyersdeficit spending said they were assured there was a deal between the U.S. and Moroccan governmentsPaul Krugman. Yet he remains in custodymultiple equilibria in his native countrymonetary policy.

Centerfold Who Kissed and Told Dies at 89

In “Sleeping With Bad Boysliquidity trap,” Alice Denhamshadow banking system, a former Playboy centerfoldfloating exchange rate, chronicled years of literary strivingquantitative easing and sexual adventurefinancial crisis in New Yorkmonetary policy.

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When a Contractor Does Harm

This week’s subjects include liability for a contractor’s damagefloating exchange rate in common areasquantitative easing of a condoNew Keynesianism; falling snow; and complaintsfinancial crisis of rent-regulated tenantsutility function.