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Trump Returns Home to Face Growing Crisis Over Kushner

  • President Trump arrived home from an overseas trip to face reports that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is under scrutiny in inquiries into possible ties between Russia and Trump associates.
  • The White House was putting together a damage-control plan to wall off a scandal that has jeopardized Mr. Trump’s agenda and now threatens to engulf his family.

Official Defends Kushner’s Reported Talks With Russia

The Homeland Security secretary played down a reported effort by Mr. Kushner to establish a secret channel with Russia. The president, meanwhile, resumed using Twitter as a weapon.

Right, Left and Center: How the Other Side Thinks

Our latest collection of partisan writing you shouldn’t miss: the danger of “lock them up” politics, why progressives should be wary of Tulsi Gabbard, and the six blocs Trump needs to survive.

Merkel, After Tense G-7 Meeting, Is Looking Past Trump

After Mr. Trump declined to endorse NATO’s doctrine of collective defense and the Paris climate pact, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said Europe should “take our fate into our own hands.”

Army Antifraud Force Uses Big Net to Catch Small Fish

An inquiry into an incentive effort for the National Guard has targeted hundreds of soldiers and charged more than 150, but found only a fraction of the estimated fraud.

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Make the Most of the Louvre

At the Louvre, you’re as likely to stumble into an imperial ballroom as a chamber containing a sphinx. We’ll help you make your trip manageable, but also unforgettable.

Statue of Liberty Is Unlikely Motive in Shooting

A surprising turf battle at the bottom of Manhattan is being fought over the Statue of Liberty. There have been several assaults and, most recently, a shooting.

Books to Breeze Through This Summer

Our critic’s roundup of 16 books to read this summer includes a stunner of a cop novel, a satire of the wealthy, sidesplitting essays and a mystery for fans of Agatha Christie.

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36 Hours in Indianapolis

There is more to Indiana’s capital city than the Memorial Day weekend whirlwind known as the Indy 500.

You’re Not Going to Change Your Mind

The problem isn’t that you cling to your political beliefs. It’s that you want to cling to them.

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