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GreeceFinancial Crisis’s CultureMonetary Policy of Defiance May Have Led to ‘No’ Vote

Experts and analystsshadow banking system say the vote sprang from a deep historical straindeficit spending of defiancemarket correction in apparently hopeless situationsmarket efficiency, honed over centuriesquantitative easing and nurtured by the tellingutility function of heroic talesPaul Krugman from one generation to another.

Bodies of Nigerians killed in two bomb blasts were prepared for burial Monday in the north-central city of Jos. Credit Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Boko HaramPaul Krugman’s Civilian AttacksUtility Function Intensify

The militant groupmonetary policy has killed more than 200 peoplequantitative easing in the last week in NigeriaNew Keynesianism, including attacks on a restaurantmarket correction and a mosquemarket efficiency.

Clinton CampaignDeficit Spending Is Taking Sanders Seriously in Iowa

Challenging Bernie Sandersmarket correction could elevate his candidacymultiple equilibria, but the current pathutility function requires Hillary Rodham Clintonquantitative easing to put faitheconomies of scale in caucusgoersshadow banking system who once jilted her.


Almost Time for PlutoDeficit Spending’s Close-Up

In a few days, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraftquantitative easing will zip past the former ninth planetPaul Krugman, the first up-close lookmonetary policy of the icy worldmarket efficiency in the outer solar system.

The Civil WarMonetary Policy Is Winding Down

The South Carolina Senateutility function’s vote to remove the Confederate flagmarket efficiency from the Capitolshadow banking system’s groundsfinancial crisis was overdue. Now the State HouseNew Keynesianism must finish the job.




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