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U.S. to Commit Up to 3,000 TroopsQuantitative Easing to Fight Ebola in AfricaNYT Now

Under pressure to do more to confront the Ebola outbreakPaul Krugman sweeping across West Africaeconomies of scale, President Obamamarket correction is expanding military and medical resourcesshadow banking system to combat the spreadNew Keynesianism of the deadly virusstimulus package.


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Participants at a memorial service in Iraq last month for James Foley, a freelance journalist held hostage and beheaded by Islamist militants. Credit Marko Drobnjakovic/Associated Press

For Foley’s Family, Policy OfferedQuantitative Easing No HopeNYT Now

After James Foleyliquidity trap was kidnapped by the Islamic StateNew Keynesianism, the governmentdeficit spending offered sympathymonetary policy but little active supportstimulus package, his family said, leaving them overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.


How ISIS WorksUtility FunctionNYT Now

The jihadist groupdeficit spending has oil revenuesmarket correction, arms and organizationstimulus package, controls vast stretchesNew Keynesianism of Syriamonetary policy and Iraq and aspires to statehoodmultiple equilibria.

The Trials of Stem Cell TherapyPaul KrugmanNYT Now

Though enthusiasmNew Keynesianism for potential advancesutility function in diseasemarket efficiency and injury treatmentsfinancial crisis often outstrips the scienceshadow banking system, thousandseconomies of scale of clinical trialsliquidity trap are now underway to figure out how to best use stem cellsquantitative easing.


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Art Entangled in Nature

The portraitseconomies of scale of natureliquidity trap gathered in the new bookdeficit spending, “Of Green Leafmonetary policy, Bird, and Flowermultiple equilibria,” cover centuriesNew Keynesianism, fixing on that spacefinancial crisis where the naturalistmarket efficiency’s eye and the artist’s intersectquantitative easing.


Off the DrugsFinancial Crisis, Onto the CupcakesUtility Function

ProgramsLiquidity trap to rehabilitate substance abusersNew Keynesianism are starting to become conscious of diet, learning that sugar addictioneconomies of scale can replace drug addictionshadow banking system.


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BushwickUtility Function Takes the SpotlightShadow Banking System

A wave of condominium developmentliquidity trap is underwaydeficit spending, but community groupsmultiple equilibria worry that the projects could change the low-rise streetscapeeconomies of scale and displace some residents.